Stair Step Break Away MLM Plan

Stair Step Break Away MLM Plan

Stair Step BreakAway MLM Plan

The Stair-Step MLM Plan, although one of the oldest, remains highly relevant due to its remarkable potential for members who quickly ascend the upline ladder. With its breakaway option, any member in the downline has the opportunity to become a leader. While the plan initially resembles a Unilevel MLM plan, offering unlimited frontline members, it distinguishes itself by providing diverse earning opportunities as members progress

How Does the Stair-Step Breakaway MLM Compensation Plan Works?

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How is the Commission Calculated?

In the Stair-Step MLM Plan, members are tasked with generating sales both individually and as a group.

This plan, renowned for its longevity and effectiveness, operates similarly to the Unilevel Plan in its initial stages, allowing for the recruitment of unlimited frontline positions to build sales volume. However, each level in the hierarchy is assigned a specific percentage, facilitating rapid progression.

For instance, in the first step, the discount rate would be 20%. In the second step, the member would receive a 20% discount. So, by the 10th level, the member will generate a 40% to 50% discount. The Break-Away system provides wonderful opportunities to members to build bigger teams deeper the downline.

Once the member completes the hierarchy and breaks away, they must maintain the current position (step 11) for three consecutive months to earn a title-bonus.

Besides, the plan is effective because it provides equal emphasis on product sales and recruitment. So, an MLM company will grow not only its sales force but also its stocks, providing a better brand value.

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