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MLM Software Board MLM Plan can help you retain your customers with great features and payment. Board MLM plans, commonly known as circle matrix plans, are an aggressive plan for companies with a limited number of employees. Due to the small number of members, the committee management process is very simple, takes less time and gives good rewards. MLM Software is one of the best MLM software companies in India that offers affordable plans for MLM companies.The Board Plan, also known as the Revolving Matrix Plan or Cycle Matrix Plan, is a popular compensation structure in multi-level marketing (MLM). It operates on a board system where members work towards filling a set number of positions or boards

How Does the Board Plan Work?

Although the concept of MLM board is very simple, every member of the company needs to understand it and do their best to increase their income. Planning the board of directors begins with a plan for a circle of a small number of members. Generally provides members with a clean board and system. Each member must add new members, and this continues until all slots on the board are filled

How is the Commission Calculated?

The basic cycle of the Board MLM plan is 2X2 Matrix, where members are compensated once the matrix is completed, typically comprising 6 members. However, there are variations in Board Plans, including Single Board, Multi-Board, Shuffling Board, Auto-Filling Board, and Manual-Filling Board, each with its own unique structure and rules. The dimension of the Board may vary depending on company policies and regulations, providing flexibility to accommodate different organizational needs

The dimension of the Board may differ based on your company policies and regulations.

Basically, the commissions are split into two types:

Referral Commission:Each member from Board B1 will earn a referral bonus when their recruited downline team members complete a sales transaction.

Cycle Commission:When the matrix is completed, the frontline member is moved to another board, B2 as its topmost member, and at this time, he gets to earn a cycle commission for completing the Matrix cycle.

Every distributor who joins the Board Cycle Plan must pay a one-time joining fee to the MLM organization. After completing the 2X2 matrix, the distributor gets a bonus twice that of the joining fee. You can preset the commission in the Mlm Software MLM software to your desired amount.

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