First HYIP Integrated MLM Software.

First HYIP Integrated MLM Software.


Posted On: 20th Mar 2024 05:49

One of the most popular trends in the high-investment business sector is the High Yield Investment Program or HYIP for short. We have created a high-quality HYIP script with cutting-edge features and upgraded technology, all at competitive rates, in response to the growing demand for such scripts. To facilitate investments from all around the world into your multilevel marketing business, we have launched HYIP-integrated MLM software. You have the option to modify the HYIP script to suit the various needs of your company. Our MLM software has been integrated with the HYIP script.

Boost your website traffic and online presence with an array of inbuilt features crafted to simplify the management of your business.


Let us take a look at the characteristics of our HYIP script.

The separation of concerns approach served as the foundation for the script's design.
Based on the most popular PHP-MVC framework, it is designed.
Our HYIP software, which runs on WordPress, allows the front end to be customized to the user's preference.
The layout is incredibly adaptable and flexible on computer displays as well as mobile phones.
These are the qualities listed; however, our list of benefits that will entice you to purchase our HYIP script immediately is even more remarkable!


MVC Framework –

Our HYIP is a well-written Model View Controller (MVC) Framework-based Bitcoin investment script with full functionality. Without further ado, you may quickly launch a new website to start the investment program. Without having any experience with coding, you can even create your own themes and webpage designs.

Multiple Currency –

The script is presently accessible worldwide in a variety of currencies. Members have the option to finish payment in the currency of their choice, and rates can be offered in multiple currencies.

SMTP Settings –

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is referred to as SMTP. You can configure your SMTP settings with our HYIP script, so all emails sent from your website will go via your mail server.

Fund Transfer –

You might choose to give money to a buddy as a bonus or present. The administrator sets the range of amounts.

Deposit –

You give people the option to select from a large range of saving plans as an administrator. You understand exactly what the user needs. You therefore include the main payment gateway. Making a deposit is an easy process for the user. It'll just require a short while longer. To deposit, simply select the desired amount, plan, and payment method. The moment a user walks over a payment, their deposit transformation becomes active.

Mass Payment –

Managing many payouts is made simpler by mass payments. With it, the administrator can pay thousands of users at once. To process the commission payment when you're ready, simply choose the payment gateway and click the pay button.

Compounding –

The administrator sets the compound interest, which exemplary increases the user's profit.

Import/Export Data –

Data import and export are now simple and available at any time. Only the administrator will be able to see the options; individual users will not. To import all of your data onto your website, use either.xls,.csv, or. tsv files.


Unlimited Role Management –

Different people working for you might not require access to all of the data. Authorization management is aided by unlimited role management. Who can access which information is up to the administrator to decide?

Easy to Use –

Anyone with a rudimentary understanding of the internet can use it with ease because of how simple and intuitive the design is.

Fast, secure, and reliable –

To guarantee the security of every payment and transaction made through the program, great care has been taken. Additionally, the software is designed so that nothing prevents the system from operating smoothly.

Customizable –

The script can be customized as per the client’s requirements and payment schemes.


Modern Open Source Technologies –

The script is written with the most widely used and well-known PHP-MVC framework. It incorporates all of these qualities.

Help And Support –

Customer service is available by phone and mail around the clock. The user receives an easy-to-use installation and usage guide immediately upon purchase.

Fully Responsive –

It automatically adjusts to any device, including computers, tablets, smartphones, and operating systems including Windows, iOS, and Android.

Tracking activities –

The back office is useful for activity tracing. Every member's transactions and activity are traceable.

User-friendly Dashboard –

A summary of your system is added as a feature in the back office. You can navigate easily and the operations are very simple.


Free Online Demo –

By creating an account on our website, you can immediately try our demo.
A HYIP script is a highly helpful MLM software plugin. We have a great deal of expertise in developing HYIP scripts and providing post-installation services.
Now, check out our HYIP Integrated MLM Software Demo. The integration of the HYIP script with any MLM plan of your choosing is an option.
Now try out the MLM Software demo.


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