ModiCare MLM Review – Genuine Review.

ModiCare MLM Review – Genuine Review.


Posted On: 26th Feb 2024 10:56

One of India's largest and fastest-growing Network Marketing companies is Modi Group. Before delving deeper into our Modicare MLM Review, let us examine the fundamental operations of a standard network marketing company.

Does Modicare operate as an MLM?

Modi Enterprises is the owner of the $2.8 trillion ModiCare Multi-Level Marketing Company, an Indian conglomerate. With its headquarters located in New Delhi, ModiCare was founded in 1996. As of right now, the organization says it has 40 centres around the nation that distribute goods to over 2,700 locations.

Samir Modi, the founder and CEO of Modicare Network Marketing, is the grandson of Gujarmal Modi, the founder of Modi Enterprises. In 1992, Samir Modi (right) began his professional career as a tobacco sales representative for Modi Enterprises. After serving in several capacities within the Modi Group's enterprises, he established Modicare, the network marketing division, in 1996. As the company launched, it had 300 distributors and 12 products. 2003 he assumed control of Modicare Cosmetics, and in 2004, he introduced Colorbar Cosmetics to the Indian market.

Products in the categories of personal care, home, agricultural, auto, nutrition, health and wellness, jewellery, and technology are marketed by Modicare Network Marketing Company.

There are too many products to list them all here, but ModiCare's website offers a comprehensive catalogue with suggested retail prices.
From what we've heard, ModiCare products are produced internally. In its R&D centres, Modicare produces its goods with its own highly skilled technical experts. All items are created in compliance with international standards and manufactured to suit the tastes of India.


The Modicare Compensation Plan - 

The straightforward MLM compensation scheme that Modicare supports offers new consultants and business builders a better chance to increase their income and receive rewards based on their efforts. The Modicare Maximizer Plan is the name of it.

The fact that the ModicareMLM Plan is entirely your business is one of its key advantages. Your hard work will determine how successful you are, and you will determine how quickly you progress. Additionally, keep an eye out for highly skilled individuals to add to your downline to increase your success.

The ModiCare MLM compensation plan is determined by the volume of sales produced by

Purchases made by retail customers recruited ModiCare affiliates and ModiCare affiliates.
The main way that ModiCare pays commissions is through point-based incentives that are awarded by unilevel team-level generations.

Retail Commissions - 

The ModiCare Network Marketing organization pays commissions on retail consumer goods orders up to twenty per cent. Retail commissions are paid from the difference between the order's wholesale and retail prices.


Total Performance Bonus -

Retail commissions are paid from the difference between the order's wholesale and retail prices.

  • There is an Accumulated Performance Bonus of 7% for consultants.
  • Senior Consultants are entitled to an Accrued Performance Bonus of 10%.
  • An Accumulated Performance Bonus of 13% is awarded to Associate Supervisors.
  • Deputy Supervisors are entitled to an Accrued Performance Bonus of 16%.
  • Supervisors are rewarded with an Accrued Performance Bonus of 19%.
  • A 22% Accumulated Performance Bonus is given to directors.

Affiliate PV and affiliates they individually recruited are added together to generate the Accumulated Performance Bonus.
Depending on their level recruited affiliates receive a portion of the commission; the qualifying affiliate receives the remaining portion. A Consultant is qualified for a 10% Performance Bonus if they generate 240 PV and 6000 GV (accumulated) in a single month.

Director Bonus -

Each month, ModiCare contributes 14% of its total sales volume to the Director Bonus fund. To pay the Director Bonus, a uni-level compensation structure is employed. An affiliate who individually hires affiliates is positioned right behind them in a uni-level team, with the affiliate at the top of the structure.

Fund for Outward Travel -

Three per cent of ModiCare's monthly sales volume is contributed to the Outbound Travel Fund. The organization's travel incentives are financed in part by the Outbound Travel Fund. Director Bonus points are used to determine who is entitled to a share of the Outbound Travel Fund among affiliates who rank Senior Director or higher.

Fund for Dream Vehicles -

Each month, ModiCare gives the Dream Vehicle Fund 5% of its total sales volume.
The Dream Vehicle Fund is used to purchase a car that has received ModiCare preapproval. Senior Executive Directors and higher-ranking associates are qualified to receive a share of the Dream Vehicle Fund in the fourth month of continuous rank qualification.
The maximum monthly payout from the Dream Vehicle Fund to each associate is Rs. 100,000.

Fund for Dream Homes -

The Dream Home Fund receives a monthly contribution from ModiCare equal to 3% of its total monthly sales volume.
Homebuyers can receive assistance from the Dream Home Fund. In my understanding, this refers to mortgage payments even though ModiCare's compensation package makes no mention of it.
A portion of the Dream Home Fund is available to Presidential Directors and higher-ranking affiliates starting in the sixth month of continuous rank qualification. The Dream Home Fund is calculated using the Director Bonus points.

The maximum compensation from the Dream Home Fund each month is Rs. 120,000 for each affiliate.

Pros/Cons of Modicare MLM Company

PROS of Modicare MLM Company


Range of Multilevel Marketing Products –

Modicare provides a vast array of products, including accessories, personal care and health care items, and even agricultural supplies. Having a large selection of products to pick from is advantageous to me as a customer.


They've Been in Business for Over 20 Years -

Having been in business for almost 20 years, Modicare has a remarkable history. Samir Modi, a real person descended from a line of business moguls, is the owner. Modicare is purportedly the first multilevel marketing company in India.


CONS of Modicare MLM Company –

Not well-liked on the global scene –

Hindi-language content, including reviews and information about Modicare, is available on YouTube. Therefore, it's challenging to see how this company can operate internationally.
It seems to be geared toward Hindi-speaking markets, so it will be challenging if you want to participate but don't speak Hindi.


Transparency is lacking -

Modicare is without a doubt among the greatest direct-selling companies in India, but one of its shortcomings is that certain important information is missing from its website, like the revenue disclosure statement and details on the ingredients in its products.

Although the company's website does not disclose any overseas branch offices, it purports to have one in Nepal. They do have some information, but it's not all that obvious.


Low Potential Income -

The exact income disclosure statement that details the compensation of Modicare consultants is absent. If the company is doing well, why isn't it transparent about its earnings? We've also received several complaints, most notably from underpaid consultants. It is not a bad idea to use it as a secondary source of money in addition to your main source.



Was this review of Modicare MLM useful? The ModiCare Multilevel Marketing (MLM) opportunity consists of joining, making purchases, and then encouraging others to follow suit. While it's a possibility, we're not sure if retail is a good fit. Not always in terms of cost, but more in terms of a focus on the entire organization. Although it's free to sign up, you can't make money without purchasing. Since there are currently a lot of identical products on the market, selling this will be challenging for you. To be eligible for higher rewards and promotions, you also need to be skilled at hiring staff.

While these chances shouldn't be discounted, they are nearly always doomed to fail, especially when the affiliate program is about to expire. Yes, you can earn money, but not enough to support yourself; it will only serve as a complement to your income.