Sanki Global Review.

Sanki Global Review.


Posted On: 12th Mar 2024 11:02

We shall examine a thorough analysis of Sanki Global, a cutting-edge multilevel marketing organization based in the western part of the globe, in this article.
Despite the name's eastern sound. Based in the US, Sanki Global is a multi-level marketing organization that concentrates on the Mexican market.
According to the corporation, it originated in Japan. Approximately 96% of the hits to Sanki Global's website originate from Mexico.

Thus, the origin of the name Sanki. All that is there is San and Ki. Ki denotes significant energy, and San denotes the maximum degree.
With their products like olive and rosemary trees, they have spread their production from Spain to Japan while always guaranteeing the quality of the goods.
The Sanki Global website provides information on the company's address, which is connected to a corporate address in the US state of Nevada.


Who heads Sanki Global?

Sanki Global made its debut in 2010. Alejandro Lopez Tello, co-founder, president, and CEO of Sanki Global, is at the top of the hierarchy.
He received his chemical engineering degree from UNAM and his executive education in business entrepreneurship and risk capital from the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM).
With sixteen years of marketing experience, he concentrated on business growth, launch, and strategic planning.
Eight of my sixteen years of experience have been productively devoted to Sanki Global.


Sanki Global Products –

Sanki Mayor is the manufacturer of these products, and their primary business is multilevel marketing in the health and wellness space.
These Sanki Global goods contribute to improving living standards. They achieved this by integrating clinical testing capabilities, nutraceutical formulation, and nanotechnology.
Co-founder Bejit Edeas connected Sanki Global and Sanki Mayor. From Sanki Global, Sanki Mayor is developed in this manner.
In the laboratory of this clinical research firm, they carry out clinical trials and carry out research for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.


Major Products marketed by the Sanki Global include:

Belage which is  a dietary supplement  and it helps to improve cellular health through rosemary and olive leaf extracts and this retails at $59.

Kronuit Fire is an antioxidant that is based on a weight loss supplement and it helps in reduction of blood sugar. This retails at $69.50 per box.

Inner 7 is a purified water from deep sea that helps in balancing the pH of the body. This retails at $5 for a box.

They offer customers to sample the Shinka Pack at $80.

At a minimum, you have to order two products as a retail customer.

This can be of the same type or different products.


The Sanki Global Compensation Plan –

On their website, Sanki Global provides very little information regarding their compensation scheme.
The majority of this data was acquired via online research.


1. MLM Commission Qualification -

Distributors must generate a minimum of 50 PV before they are eligible for MLM commissions. Every four weeks, it should be completed.
What then is PV? It is computed using sales volume produced by purchase orders from affiliates or retail orders, and it stands for "Personal Volume."


2. Global Affiliate Ranks for Sanki  -

There are twelve affiliate ranks in Sanki Global's compensation structure.
The plans and their corresponding qualifying requirements are shown below.

  • Starter    
  • Starter Certificate
  • Duplicator

To become a duplicator, you must find and keep at least four MLM commission-qualified affiliates. These affiliates must find and retain at least two other MLM commission-qualified affiliates for each head, and they must generate at least 100 GV every four weeks.

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Double Diamond
  • Triple Diamond
  • Ambassador
  • Crown Ambassador


GV means “Group Volume” and is the same as PV generated by an affiliate and their downline.


3. Retail Commissions –

A percentage on sales to retail consumers will be paid to Sanki Global affiliates.
The retail commission is the computed amount that separates the wholesale and retail costs. Sanki's retail commission is projected to be 65%.


4. Recruitment Commissions –

Affiliates who successfully recruit new affiliates are compensated. There are now only two stages of recruitment for new affiliates.
Affiliates are classified as either level 1 or level 2 depending on whether they recruit directly or through another affiliate.
Sanki Global offers recruitment commissions based on this two-tiered structure.

In level 1 it is $40 and in level 2 it is $20 for the recruiting the Basic pack affiliate.

In level 1, it is $80; in level 2, it is $40 for recruiting the Executive pack affiliate.

In level 1 it is $200 and in level 2 it is $100 for recruiting the Pro pack affiliate.

The affiliate will be eligible for recruitment commissions if the affiliate owns an auto-ship order within three months from sign-up.


5. Residual Commissions –

In this case, the binary compensation structure determines how the recruitment commissions are awarded.
An affiliate is positioned at the head of a binary team in this arrangement, which is divided into the left and right sides.
The initial level of the Binary squad consists of two positions. These two positions are divided into two more positions, for a total of four positions, and each position is then divided into two more positions to form the second level.

Affiliate recruitment is the method used to fill vacancies on the binary team. There is no upper limit to the tiers of the binary system because the recruitment process can be either direct or indirect at times.
They compare the new combinations every week. Pairing is the buying or selling of two goods on opposite sides of a binary system. Here, the word "carry" refers to the sales of two products.
Multiple carriers may be included in a single product order.
The number of carry pairings an affiliate generates is examined after each week, and residual commissions are given accordingly.


6. Coaching Bonus –

The coaching bonus is equal to 25% of residual or remaining commissions. The affiliates who are personally recruited or referred receive the residual commissions, also known as leftover commissions.

Savings Fund –

Nine percent of the total firm sales volume is invested in savings funds. Every eight to nine weeks, in the conclusion, the savings fund is determined. Those who advance in rank receive financial rewards, presents, and travel expenses.
There are no specific incentives for individual savings funds.
Higher-rated affiliates and duplicators get savings fund rewards.


Joining Sanki Global –

The Basic affiliate membership charge is around  $49.

If required while signing up, the package can be added to the membership. The rates of the three different packs of membership are as follows

Basic Pack for  $270

Executive Pack for  $530

Pro Pack for $1150

If the pack is more expensive, it comes with more products. Here there are no compensation benefits for the packs.

Conclusion –

Though they are good at presenting their product information they offer less business opportunities, more informations are not available regarding basic compensation disclosures such as affiliate rank qualification and residual commission rates.

Though it has been launched 8 years ago, this is not acceptable.

They insist on buying two products at the same time, we get two products nutritional supplement, weight loss supplement, and water purifier. The third category is the weakest of other two categories which results in sale of first two categories.

Other than residual commissions, Sanki Global's insistence on purchasing a minimum of two products is not entirely obvious.
It is an excellent entry-level MLM company to begin a network marketing career with if the company gets its act together and resolves these problems.
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